Control entry and exit of your facility through comprehensive access control technology.  Our solutions are customized to meet your organizations needs.

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Our solution eliminates the need for personnel to carry access control cards.  By utilizing the latest in bluetooth and NFC technology access control can be achieved by simply utilizing your smart phone.  Mobile credentials can be provided to all users including contractors and visitors. Managing and sending credentials to phones can be done remotely often not requiring users to attend the site prior to use.

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Autonomous access control to your facility without the need for cumbersome access control credentials.  Our biometric solutions allow you to access doors, gates and other portals without the need to carry a card or other device.  This high level of control gives users flexbility as the move throughout the facility.


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smart card

Today's card allows deployment for multiple purposes.  With onboard storage it extends beyond simply opening doors and can be used for Point of Purchase, secure centralized printing, biometrics and more.


Wireless Technology

Our wireless solutions require no wiring and can economically be deployed.  By utilizing proprietary secure receivers or your organizations wireless infrasturcture we have the ability to control access to doors at your facility.