Cyber Security

 We help to improve your organizations cyber posture appropriately for this changing world.  We assist you in taking further steps in your organization to mitigate cyber liability.  

76% reported being the victim of a phishing attack in 2016.
— Wombat, State of the Phish 2017

What is Phishing Anyways?


employee awareness training

Your employees are the first defense against a cyber breach.  Today's hackers are extremely sophisticated and are using multiple methods to breach your networks.  Our employee training assists in educating your team on proper cyber hygiene and posture.   We review what to look for and how to protect your sensitive data.  We help make your employees the cyber officers inside of your organization, on guard to help protect your info.

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Physical access to a facility is a strong risk in cyber security.  We attend your site and perform full reviews of your facilities.  We begin with reviewing the building layouts, employee workflows and procedures.  A review of network equipment, firewalls, internet demarcations and server locations is conducted and reports developed.


Penetration & Vulnerability assessments

Our team performs sophisticated testing on your network and firewalls to attempt to uncover potential avenues for breach.  We review your employees computers and ensure proper patching and updates have been completed and vulnerabilities are limited.  These assessments involve outside and internal assessments.  Full reports and recommended resolutions are provided at the completion.


IOT Assessments

Today, IOT devices are gateways to hackers.  Cameras, access control and alarm system are mainly IP devices on your network and our experience shows that many System Integrators deploying these devices are not conducting the appropriate setups in order to protect your network.  Our team reviews these devices and ensures that you are up to date with the latest device firmware, updates, patches and that your Physical Security provider has provided you the appropriate cyber positioning.

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We provide next generation protection against cyber threats focused on your organization. We provide continues and comprehensive endpoint protection, against malware and malware-free attacks.  Our team provides 24/7 incident response services to support your organization during all aspects of a potential breach.