Integrated Electronic Security

Our solutions allows you to build your security management system with a module approach.  This methodology allows you to work within your companies budget and timelines to move towards a full security solution that meets your organizations needs.

high definition video

High Definition video surveillance allows you to get forensic quality images inside and outside of your facility.  View live or recorded activity remotely.  


Intrusion Detection

Our revolutionary intrusion detection technology allow us to detect, deter and verify activity inside and outside your facility.   Our pro-active approach works towards identifying an incident before it occurs.


access control 

Controlling access to your facility and property by using our electronic access control systems which allow you remotely manage all activity. 

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Id Management

Custom card design and printing allow you to add a level of visual verification to your visitor program.  Our engineers custom design employee, contractor and visitor badges on card access technology cards or simple PVC.

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visitor management

Control visitors and contractors through our unique visitor management solutions. Our systems include employee pre-registration, kiosks, contractor control.

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Two-way audio and video to communicate at parking & door entrances, lobby's. Solutions are network based and often are integrated in to existing phone systems via SIP communication.

Unified Integration

Each of our modular technologies integrate seamlessly in to one unified user interface.  This approach allows our partners to manage all of their security system devices on one glass panel.  You can begin with one module working towards a full unified solution.

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Reporting & Analytics

By having a unified solution, reporting and analytics can be obtained in one central location from all security devices and sources.  Eliminating the need to work between multiple software platforms improves accuracy and saves resource time.