WE use strategic methods as we work with our partners to build the appropriate security solution for their organization.  

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Through a systematic assessment and consultation the Launched team works with you to help with your technology solution needs.  We make the process a collaborative experience with input being made from the necessary project stakeholders. 


Technology education

The Launched team are proven industry thought leaders and strive on educating our customer partners on industry trends and new technology. We are constantly attending industry trade shows and seminars in order to keep up to date for our partners.  We take our learning's and educate our partners and their team on the appropriate technology for their business needs.  Our education spans between physical and cyber security as we work to assist you in your organizational needs.

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We offer numerous purchase models to our customers to ensure that they get the right system they require.  Our Security-As-A-Service options let organizations have the benefit of improved cash flow as one monthly fee includes all hardware, installation and support.  

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project deployment

The Launched project management team works closely with you to ensure that your technology deployment is completed on time, accurately and within budget. They communicate throughout the process ensuring you are in sync with project at all times. Our collaboration portal allows our customer partners to access real time project timelines and status.


Our team tests and configures your system prior to field deployment.  We work closely with your IT team if available or we can advise on IT needs.  We ensure that each device is securely tested and programmed with secure passwords, updated firmware prior to deployment on to your organizations network


system training

Our methodical and customized training program ensure that our customer partners and their team have a full understanding of their system operation.  Often multiple training sessions are established and scheduled including Manager, Train the Trainer, administrator and base user. Our training plans also include ongoing training for life.

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System Life Support

Once deployed our partners expect that thier system operate optimally, with minimal downtime. Our unique System Life Support model is used  to support provides exceptional customer service through a pro-active approach.