We're On a Mission

We help small and mid-sized organizations—those of us not in the Fortune 500—navigate the cybersecurity landscape and defend against the increasing number of threats they’re up against every day. We believe in:

  • Awareness. The more informed we can be, the better we can protect ourselves. We can’t defend against what we don’t know. 
  • Responsiveness. The quicker we get to something, the sooner we can act on it. We can’t move things forward without taking the next step.
  • Simplicity. The clearer we can see things, the more impact we can drive. We can’t engage with what we don’t understand.

We're A Little Different

We think it's time to shift the perspective. Away from a single layer of technology and toward multiple layers that include technology. Having run our very own small and mid-sized companies, we understand cybersecurity to be a core function of your business, not a feature in your business. We put our 35+ years of experience in and around security to work for you.

I was really impressed with the approach and simplicity of the program Launch Security shared with me. I haven’t seen anything like it in the industry.
— James C. Bellomo, Beantown Investments

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Thought Leadership

We actively share our opinions and thoughts on how the industry can improve to help our partners with their security problems.  Some say we are opinionated, we call it thought leadership.